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Helping people to help themselves and freeing the world.
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1. Did You Watch the Videos on the Team Page?
Your Answer: Yes I did!
2. Did you Download the Tron Smart Wallet?
There are 3 Recommended Choices:
For Laptops and Personal Computers
Get Started Now Using a Personal Computer
A. Use the Chrome Extension ‘’ Wallet:

For Smartphones

Get Started Now Using an iPhone

iPhones Use:  

B. iOS Mobile Wallet:

Android Phones Use:
C. TokenPocket App on Google Playstore for Android.
3. Cool. Did you buy TRX (1010+) and transfer cryptocurrency TRX to a recommended Tron wallet?
4. After that, here is your join link:
Grab the link and paste it into the browser for laptop or the browser within your mobile wallet.

5. Partner with Tutorman

If you have the money to become a business partner you should open the first 5 Slots in the matrix at within 24 hours! 
When you are a partner, I will give you the Ultimate Marketing System and I will send traffic to your UMS and drive sales for you!
I will speak with you soon and work with you.

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