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A. You Get 55% Instant Cash Back When You Sponsor 1 Person! This is paid instantly by the EZYTRX Smart Contract.
Example: When you buy the 1st Slot of 1000 TRX, and the member below you buys the same slot, you get 500 TRX from EZY1 and + 50 TRX from EXY10 programs instantly. 55% Cash Back is guaranteed for you when you get started.
Sponsor 2 and you get 110% return on your money and you win!
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You get a digital product for every slot you open in the EZYTRX Smart Contract!
You can learn a digital marketing strategy from each product and then use it to share your business with the world to get better results!
C. EZYTRX Ecosystem
To give members more value, developer Nichlaus D’Cruz is building an ecosystem around EZYTRX Smart Contract. Members will be able to use the credits from purchasing slots and spend them on goods and services inside the new ecosystem and marketplace. (See roadmap)

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My mission is to help every personally sponsored member become financially free!
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There are 3 things that you will need to succeed:
1. Profit Maximisers (Slots in the EZYTRX Smart Contract);
2. EZYTRX Marketing System (See System Page);
3. Targeted Traffic and Conversions! (See Tutorman Bonuses Below)
Simple or Simple, It’s Really Simple!
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