EZYTRX Roadmap 2021 – 2022

EZYTRX Roadmap 2021 - 2022

EZYTRX Ecosystem & Marketplace

Probably the singular most valuable tool for anyone wanting to build an online market or network. Costing thousands, this funnel is given to all members of EzyTrx to build their marketplace.
Funnel Version 1 – Completed.
EZY Academy
A 10-week marketing course on social media marketing will be made available based on  your steps achieved.
Start: 23rd Nov 2020
A full range of products will be made available for members. These can be  bought with a combination of cash and available credit.
Launch: 28th Nov 2020
EZY Credit
All members will receive 100%  of the Tron they placed in the system given back to them as credit. This can be used to  purchase services and goods.
Launch: 15th Jan 2021
A full range of engagement  tools that will allow members  to earn; trade; play and apply  skills. This will include e-games; gaming; trading bots;  signals; real world  investments like real estate and commodities.
Start: Jun 2021
Products for members to purchase will be listed regularly. Over 100 items with everything lower or equal to real world prices. Members can utilize their credit.
Jan to Jun 2021
We expect to convert all Ezy Credit into a decentralized financial token (DEFI)  and ensure we build UniSwap capability and Exchange acceptance. As a pure crypto business, we may build a full Exchange with preferential rates and  benefits for members.
April to Sep 2021
Beta Testing
The Ezy Token must have its utility and implementation in the real-world economy tested. The Exchange services will need robust testing.
Start : 1st Oct 2021
EzyTrx’s complete ecosystem will have been completed at this stage. It will be able to accommodate real world assets and fractional ownership in the smart contract will protect owners and investors.
Start: Jan 2022.