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Hey Freedom Seeker, Leo Here ūüôā
Digital marketer, investor, fundraiser, legacy builder and also known as Tutorman.
I’m here to serve you, give massive value, and to complete a legacy!¬†
You may be a cryptocurrency investor, or trader in Bitcoin and other cryptocurrencies;
And you had been trying to make some good returns on your money, to get enough wins and to build your net worth…
Remember the bull-run of December 2017? Many had big wins for about a month…
But if you HODLed them, you would have eventually lost 95% of your bag when the bubble burst, and all tokens came crashing down, less than a month later, true or true?
It’s absolutely true.
The problem was, many investors at that time had no exit strategy.
So that brings us to 2021,
Imagine if you found a 100% safe, no scam opportunity?
Imagine if you found a REAL opportunity and won in life again?
What would it do for you and your family? It could be a family trip to your favorite holiday destination;
You may even want to buy a new sports car;
Imagine if you could buy that dream home. How would that make you feel?
When things worked out as you had imagined, you could even semi-retire and give you and your loved ones the life you and they truly deserve!
Good or good? It’s absolutely awesome!
So far, you did not get the big results that you want…
It may be because of your mindset, you just didn’t take the chance at the right time?
It’s just a decision at the right time!
Remember all those crypto opportunities of the past few years, ICOs; crypto mining investments; blockchain; IEOs; DEcentralized FInance; crypto referral based systems etc.
They had all turned out to be unsustainable business models didn’t they? They eventually all turned out to become scams.
Many of these opportunities were shut down by the owners,¬†because they didn’t want the investors getting a return on their investments!
This is called centralized control. People get greedy and shit happens!
I had noticed that since CoVid19, people had started investing again, and new opportunities are popping up everywhere.
You may have heard of ‘Smart Contracts’, but choosing the right solution online is not easy!
Crypto in 2020 has been just as difficult and unpredictable as ever.
How about you and your money making strategies, these past few months, any successes?
It’s very hard to find an opportunity worth investing in, true or true?
It’s very easy to lose your money, and we definitely don’t want to do that again;
But it doesn’t have to be that way! There is a another paradigm shift in crypto and it’s worth looking into!
And the facts speak louder than words…

I believe I had found that opportunity that we both seek.
The Easy Way to Earn Cryptocurrency.
My Friend, let me introduce EZYTRX to you...

Ezytrx Smart Contract Compensation Plan

The Home of 100% Decentralized TRX Smart Contract
No Boss, No Risk and No Scam!

Key features:
1. 100% Safe Smart Contract
2. 100% Direct Commission for Unlimited Referrals in EZY1 Program
3. 50% Direct Commission for Higher Steps Purchased By Referrals Before You Upgrade to That Step in EZY1.
4. 3X10 Forced Matrix - Guarantees Payment of 10% From 88,572 Participants in EZY10;
5. Earn 10X from Each Step Purchased and then Upgrade to Next Step;
6. Unlimited Income Potential;
7. Instant Payments;
8. No Boss;
9. 100% of the Money is Distributed Among The Members, and Nobody Takes a Cut from the Money;
10. You Decide on What Your Income Level Will Become Based on How Hard and How Smart You Work!

EZYTRX – A Simple and Easy Plan

1. I’d love to chat with you to assess your goals and dreams;
2. I’ll give you a free step by step strategy to help you make it happen;¬†
And If you want, 
3. I’ll hold your hand, and I’ll help you execute the strategy so that you¬†can retire earlier than you thought!

You Must Take Action Now to Win!

Look, I’m tired of watching a good person like you struggle to win big at this crypto game…
But You Must Take Action Now to Make Your Dreams Come True!
The ‘Buy Tron TRX’ Guide has been written for the investor in you, to help you take action now step by step.

Buy Tron TRX Guide

A. Go and Buy $100 or more of Cryptocurrency Tron (TRX) from a Crypto Exchange 
Like; or with your credit or debit card!
Watch the Video in the guide, it’s step by step.
B. Get a Mobile Wallet or Computer Chrome Browser Extension Wallet 
Watch the Video in the guide, it’s step by step.
C. Transfer the TRX from Exchange Wallet to Tronlink Wallet. 
Watch the Video in the guide, it’s step by step.
1. Take My Affiliate link and Past it into the Browser inside of your Tronlink Mobile Wallet. 
Watch the Video in the guide, it’s step by step.
2. Approve the 1000 TRX payment for the First Slot and Upgrade to the Second Slot of 2000 TRX.
Watch the Video in the guide, it’s step by step.
3. Come and Text Me on WhatsApp or Facebook Messenger and Give Me Your Affiliate Link So That I Can Help You Share That With People All Over the World! 
And I look forward to working with you my friend!

Step 1 РBuy $100 or More of Tron TRX 

Step 2 – Get a Mobile Wallet

Step 3 – Transfer TRX from Exchange to Tronlink Wallet

Step 4 – EZYTRX Registration with Tronlink Mobile Wallet

Step 5 – EZYTRX Upgrade Step By Step!

Step 6 – EZYTRX Joint Venture Partner

The EZYTRX Vision

This helps you to avoid failure! If you don’t take this opportunity, I think you will continue to struggle, as you had done so for many years, because these opportunities are hard to find and they are uncommon.

*When You Buy Tron TRX and Upgrade, You Claim Your Slot(s) in the Smart Contract Matrix.
Only then do you have the chance to change your life for the better.

When You Do Take This Opportunity to Change Your Life, This is What You Could Achieve, in 2021!

The simple and easy step by step process works for everyone who completes those steps.
EZY1 and EZY10 engines work just as they are designed.
Today, after only 30 days since the smart contract was activated, we passed the 10,000 investors mark, and each had invested a minimum of $27, with a total of around 2 million in commissions paid out instantly to members.
Over time you will have your own network group in the thousands including leaders and social media influencers.
It’s these people that will bring in the masses and help to bring that passive income¬†that will help you to retire!

When You Buy Tron TRX and Upgrade Your Slot(s) You Win! income proof
When You Buy the Tron TRX and Upgrade You Win!
You will have the ability to refer others and grow your business benefiting from the technology that is helping 1000s around the world to change their lives!
You Saw In the Videos How Financial Freedom Truly is Possible!

Buy Tron TRX Now!

There must be some truth in the numbers, 10,000 investors, 2 million in commissions paid, true or true?
It’s true, and the only thing left for you to do is make a decision and BUY TRON TRX NOW!
Financial Freedom Truly is Possible!

Buy Tron TRX Now!

I’m Leo Hokkanen also known as Tutorman¬†
Helping people to help themselves and freeing the world!

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