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Introducing Ezytron – The smartest decentralized, lucrative platform built on Tron blockchain technology.

This program is powered by a smart contract powered by a smart contract that promises risk free and real time transactions Where 100% of the funds are redistributed into the network.

The great advantage of a smart contract is that it is clear, transparent, and cannot be altered.

Ezytrx offers 2 programs, EZY1 and EZY10.

Upon purchase of any step in the EZY1 program, the same step in EZY10 is simultaneously activated, Your investment will work and earn in both sections.

Thanks to the smart contract, commissions and earnings are distributed automatically into your personal Tron wallet.

– No information (personal) is stored
– 100% of funds are paid instantly
– No company takes a cent
– Zero chance of a scam.

How do the 2 programs work?

There are a total of 10 steps in the program.

Each subsequent step is priced higher than the previous one.

The lowest package is priced at 1000 TRX (About 35 USD). Actually $27 on 6th October, 2020.

Everything begins with EZY1 which is for direct referrals…

Everyone that joins EZYTRX with your recommendation will receive a commission of one hundred percent.

– 100% direct commission to sponsor;

If a direct referral funds a step higher than what you own, instead of earning nothing; you will still earn fifty percent of the commission and

– the remaining 50% goes to anyone above owning the higher package (step).

This method is unique only to EZYTRX platform and no other program pays this handsomely.

What’s more, all of the people that you personally sponsor will follow you in every step irrespective of you acquiring the package in the higher step.

The value to own higher steps is enormous; and

You will enjoy vastly greater earnings as you progressively unlock each step (slot package)

EZY10 on the other hand is programmed to place members in a 3×10 level matrix, automatically filling slots from a top to bottom, left to right.

This system is fashioned in such way that participants can transparently and fairly receive spillovers from their upline and earn commissions down to 10 layers deep.

A full matrix consists of 88,572 people that will continually pay passive commissions to you…

In EZYTRX, Income can grow exponentially…

Just completing the matrix in the first step of 1000 TRX or US$35 dollars will earn you 4.40 Million TRX, or approximately $154,000.

Step 2 will earn you a maximum of 8.80 million TRX when your matrix completes;

Step 3 gives you 22.14 Million TRX;

Step 4 equals 44.29 Million TRX;

Step 5 equals 110.72 Million TRX; and so on.

With just 5 steps you could earn up to 190.35 Million TRX, or about $6,662,250.

In order to further maximize you income potential and continue earning, you must upgrade to the next higher step, upon reaching 10X of your package value.

For example; if you originally purchased Step 1 with 1000 TRX, by the time you reach 10,000 TRX, you must upgrade, otherwise your account will stop earning commissions.

Failure to upgrade will temporarily suspend your position and all income will be transferred to the next available level above.

Your earnings will restart upon upgrade.

We suggest you fund at least 5 steps, so that you cover 50% of all packages right from the beginning.

You will have to fund each step in sequence and no step can be skipped. Start earning and change your life today!

It will not take you long to begin earning hundreds of thousands of dollars in TRX from the moment you join.

Limitless earning is waiting.

Earn Tron the easy way, today.

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EZYTRX EZ1 EZ10 a 1500
EZYTRX EZ1 b 1500
EZYTRX EZ10 c 1500

EzyTrx Frequently Asked Questions

Q1. What is EzyTrx (Tron)? 
Ezytrx is a global, new generation crowdfunding platform and the first ever smart contract of it’s kind in the blockchain of Tron cryptocurrency. It is a software algorithm performing the function of a distribution of affiliate commissions between community  members and the observance of certain conditions (based on programs EZY 1 and EZY 10).
Q2 – Who owns EzyTrx?
Ezytrx platform is created with the public’ s interest in mind and does not have managers or admins. This means  that the platform is fully decentralized (i.e. it has no company, no leaders, or admins) and cannot be changed or altered at any time.
Q3 – What is a Smart Contract?
A smart contract is nothing but a predetermined algorithm inside the blockchain which automates the execution of transactions.
Q4 – What is Decentralization?
A system in which there are no admins, no servers, and no monitoring needed to manage the project. The creators of the platform are the same project participants like you.
Q5 – How are Commissions Paid?
All commissions are paid in TRX directly and instantly to the members’ personal TRX wallets. The smart contract never receives payments; therefore, you will never have to wait on a commission payment as it’s paid directly to you.
Q6 – What is the Risk of Joining Eztrx?
Ezytrx is Risk Free! There is no company, no admin, it is a self- operating system located on the blockchain that cannot be changed or destroyed. The code of the smart contract is in the public domain. It is  enough to invite 2 people to immediately recoup the initial  cost of participation in the project. All payments go directly into your personal wallet, without  any hidden fees and without third- party resources. You can feel safe knowing that Ezytrx will not go away.
Q7 – What Personal Information is Needed to Open an Account?
No personal information is required to open an account. The only thing required to create your account  is a TronLink.org wallet and fund it with 1000 TRX (Tron cryptocurrency).
Q8 – How Long Can EzyTrx Last?
Ezytrx is a Smart Contract on the Tron blockchain which is fully decentralized and connected to the internet. Ezytrx will be in business for as long as the blockchain and internet exists.
Q9 – What is the Difference Between EZ1 and EZ10?
EZY1 is for your direct referrals. You will earn 100 % EZY1 commission from direct referrals where you have taken a  position yourself. However, you will earn only 50% EZY1 commission if you refer someone in a higher matrix slot that you do not hold, with the other 50% going to your sponsor or to anyone above you holding the similar package as your referral. EZY10 is a team effort. 100% EZY10 commission is distributed across 10 levels irrespective of direct sponsorship, with each level receiving 10% equal distribution.
Q10. How Many Steps (Slots) Are Available to Upgrade?
There are a total of 10 steps (TRX): 1000, 2000, 5000, 10000, 25000, 50000, 100000, 200000, 500000, and 1 Million. You can upgrade anytime in a sequential manner. I.e. You cannot buy the 3rd step without buying the previous steps.
Q11 – Can I Upgrade My Package at Any Time?
Yes, you can upgrade your package at any time you  wish to, by simply logging back into your office and  selecting the package you wish to upgrade to.
Q12 – Do I Ever Lose the People I Refer to EzyTrx?
In Ezytrx, your entire downline including direct, indirect, overflow or spillover follows you at all times in every step of the matrix. You will pass up a commission to your upline if you are not active on a position that generates an earning. However, once you become active on that level, you will get paid for any further sales that take place from that point onwards.
Q13 – Is It Compulsary to Recruit to Earn From the System?
No, but it’s beneficial when you do! EZ1 program: You only earn personal 100% commissions when you refer someone. EZY10 program is arranged in such a way that all participants help each other. You will receive spillovers and overflows from all uplines and downlines. However, to  make a lot of money, doing nothing will not work. You must try and help people build their teams, and once they are autopilot, you will earn passively. The more active you are initially will determine how quickly you will reach this auto-earning mode.
Q14 – Can My Account Ever Be Closed?
No. Once your account is created, it can never be removed or destroyed. As long as You remember your TronLink wallet address and your 12 word seed phrase for that wallet, you will be able to access your back office and your tron wallet.
Q15 – Is There a Limit to The Amount of TRX You Can Earn?
You can genuinely earn UNLIMITED TRX in this business. The more people you refer and the more people you assist  with growing their business, the higher your income potential becomes.
Q16 – Can You Help Me?
Complete the Fast Start Guide. Then Send Me a Text on WhatsApp! (See the green button at the top of the screen?) Come and work with or partner with me, you will be glad you did! Tutorman.
Disclaimer: There is no guarantee that you will make any money because success online requires hard work, skill, the right market conditions and doing things in the certain way. Ezytrx smart contract is running on the blockchain of Tron cryptocurrency. A software program (algorithms EZY1 and EZY10) perform the function of a distribution of affiliate commissions between community members peer to peer. Nichlaus D’Cruz (Singapore) and his software development team created the EZYTRX Smart Contract, found here: https://tronscan.org/#/contract/TGZfB3J9NvHJ3BXnPA19FzBT2uNsrgenKw/