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Hey Freedom Seeker, I’m Tutorman.

Ezytrx is a Smart Contract that runs on the Tron TRX cryptocurrency blockchain.
In simple laymans terms, the EZYTRX opportunity is a NO Risk, 100% Safe, No Scam Opportunity, Because of these facts:
  1. It runs on a Decentralized network of computers/nodes runs the Tron blockchain;
  2. Transparent code and had been audited independently as safe with no malicious code or known security vulnerabilities;
  3. Autonomous – once deployed nobody controls the smart contract and it runs freely;
  4. Anonymous – no private data of anyone’s is captured by the smart contract;
  5. Only You Control Your Private Wallet and Keys – only you have access to your cryptocurrency wallet seed phrase and private keys and for that reason you receive your commissions and payments directly into your private wallet;
  6. Immutable – the EZYTRX smart contract cannot be altered or stopped, and will run for years and the only way to stop it is to close down the decentralized network of computers that are scattered all over the world;
  7. Trustless – meaning the smart contract needn’t be trusted by anyone, because it follows a set of code that has been deployed and running now on the Tron blockchain for more than 2 months and it’s been proven to be 100% safe, and reliable!
  8. Instant Permission-less Payments directly into your private wallets without the need of a third part having to authorize the payments! There is no need for an accountant or boss to say ‘Pay Freedom Seeker His/Her Salary’ 😛

How can I earn cryptocurrency with this opportunity?

There are a set of milestones that need to be met before you can earn cryptocurrency.You will need to:
  1. Get some cryptocurrency TRX from a cryptocurrency exchange;
  2. Get a Tron Smart Wallet;
  3. Transfer the Tron TRX from the Exchange into Your Tron Smart Wallet;
  4. Then Register an Account by Buying the first 1000 TRX Slot;
  5. Upgrade Your Slots to Earn Higher Commissions.
Now you have set up to earn commissions, you can start to recruit members;

How can I build the EZYTRX business?

We have created a simple and easy marketing system to assist you to build this business quickly and easily!
Just share your EZYTRX marketing system with others on social media or by email, and they can do the same.
The great thing about the marketing system is that it is 100% FREE to use and it works by showing members how to complete the milestones above and then you can copy that process too to recruit members, and others who join your network can also copy that process!
Just share your link, like i am sharing my link on social media!

6. Here’s your link to get the EZYTRX Marketing System Just CLICK HERE and register;

7. Then update the internal EZYTRX Referral ID with your EZYTRX Referral ID, and then;
8. Share your EZYTRX Marketing System link with others,
It’s that easy!
Here’s my EZYTRX Marketing System Link: CLICK HERE
Only 8 steps to start earning cryptocurrency as early as today!

EZYTRX Support – Do you need any help and support?

Go to https://ezytrx.com to learn how to earn cryptocurrency step by step and and meet your sponsor!

Click on the Green WhatsApp Button and Start Chatting with Me!

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P.s. 20,000 members and 1000s of people earning cryptocurrency. There must be some truth in this if it’s been proven to pay more than 2.5 million dollars in commissions so far in just 2 months, true or true?

EZYTRX Audit Report Conclusion

EZYTRX Audit Report Conclusion