DAISY Global vs EZYTRX Smart Contract Comparison

Smart Contract Explainer Video

DAISY Global
Explainer Video

EZYTRX Smart Contract
Explainer Video

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Smart Contract Founders

DAISY Global Founder
Jeremy Roma

EZYTRX Founder
Nichlaus D’Cruz

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Networker Teams

DAISY Global Team


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Is the Smart Contract Immutable?

DAISY and Endotech are Centralized

EZYTRX Smart Contract is Decentralized

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yes 1

Low Cost Entry Point

$100 to Get Started
[~3300 TRX]

~$30 to Get Started
[1000 TRX]

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yes 1

Is the Smart Contract Safe?

Daisy Has No Smart Contract Audit Report

DAISY Smart Contract Failed transactions 2021 01 17 15 39 01

*NB – The 1st, 2nd, 3rd, and 4th DAISY Tron Smart Contracts Have Not Been Audited Yet.

The 1st DAISY Smart Contract is Found Here: 

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Does the Smart Contract Work as Intended?

DAISY Global
My Smart Contract Results

My DAISY Ai Results

My Smart Contract Results

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In Pre-launch Was I Given Spillover?

Did You Get Any Spillover in DAISY Prelaunch?


Did You Get Any Spillover in EZYTRX Prelaunch?

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 What is the Commission Percentage and Amount for a Sale?

 What is the Commission Percentage and Amount for a Sale in the Daisy Network?

Q. – What is the Commission Percentage and Amount for a Sale and the DAISY Network?
The Commission earned by me was 456.64 Tron TRX when my upline placed 1X downline under me in the prelaunch. That person was given a $100 TIER package.
That person didn’t build the business, but I was rewarded with 456.64 TRX =~USD$13.63 (Exchange rate on the 17th of January 2021.)
The commission is low and it varies depending on the value of TRX.
If I was to estimate the commission, it would be 15% and the total amount that can be earned in the network when you include all bonuses is up to 46%.

Daisy Crowdfunding Launch Presentation

What is the Commission Percentage and Amount for a Sale in the EXYTRX Network?

100% of the Commissions for EZYTRX stays in the Network and Nobody Takes a Cut!
– Commission in EZYTRX is 50% for EZY1 Program (Personal Rewards) and 5% for 10 levels for EZY10 Programs (Team Rewards) and the Total = 100%.
Therefore when I was starting my EZYTRX business I received 2X 50 TRX amounts from the EZY10 Program during the pre-launch and as we launched commissions started flooding in before I had upgraded my packages (TIERS). I received spillover from my sponsor above and team rewards from his group that was below me. That was awesome and it motivated me to get going fast! When you sponsor 2 people who buy a 1000 TRX package (TIER) they will give you 110% commission and you will be in profit if you bought the first step (1000 TRX TIER) or Package. If you can sponsor 2 then you win! This is 100% Safe and No Risk!
The commission amount on a 1000TRX package is immediately 55% and that amount = $16.42
100% Commissions are possible because 5% commissions pass upline for all transactions!

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Is the Compensation Plan Video Good Quality?

DAISY Marketing Plan

EZYTRX Marketing Plan

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The Conclusion we can take is that EZYTRX after 4 months operation on the Tron blockchain is stable and working efficiently.
It is 100% decentralized and totally safe when you introduce 2 members who buy the same packages as you.
With EZYTRX you can also receive pass up commissions from 10 levels or 88,572 members and because of that your commissions can = 100%+ or even more!
100% of the money stays in the network and is distributed among members meaning that this is a fair system and nobody takes a cut of the money.
All payments are automatic, instant and peer to peer and requires no 3rd party to authorize them!
Score 100 out of 100 for EZYTRX.

Daisy is centralized and the project requires the cooperation of Endotech CEO Dr. Anna Becker and DAISY Global Founder Jeremy Roma. 

There had been a botched launch of DAISY Global (Crowdfunding) and they are currently trying to fix their systems and smart contracts. This Conclusion will be updated when programs had been fixed!

This is my opinion and this is not investment advice!

Good Luck.

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Leo Hokkanen

The Winner is EZYTRX Smart Contract
Score = 10/10