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Hello Freedom Seeker, Leo Here 🙂 
Digital marketer, investor, fundraiser, legacy builder and also known as Tutorman.
I’m here to serve you, give massive value and to complete a legacy.
I’m going to show you how you can have fun and earn money with your mobile or laptop in 3 easy steps.
These are the same 3 steps i used to semi-retire, in 2016.
Then I wrote the ‘My Case Study – How I Retired Instantly in 3 Easy Steps’.
My Case Study - How I Retired
I will show you today how to make $300 per day online.
Stay to the end of the video and i will give you a gift ‘My Case Study’ valued in the hundreds of dollars.

Imagine if you could have a mentor, a proven program to follow that is step by step and someone to help you to keep focus and overcome all your technical challenges in real-time…

Not having these 3 things would be the ‘3 biggest mistakes a marketer could make online’.

Would you like a mentor? – Why not?
Would you like a program that is step by step? – Sure!
Would you like focus? – Absolutely!
Would you like the hour cash machine? – OK, what’s that?

Work Hard or Work Smart?

My Big Promise is Financial Freedom.
Because when you complete steps 1, 2 and 3, you could earn $300, or more in a single day!
When you complete the 3 steps, this is what I call the ‘WORK HARD’ program.
To become permanently financially free requires 3 things:
1. A highly converting sales funnel;
2. A product or a service;
3. Targeted traffic and a lot of it.
This is the ‘WORK SMART’ program.
This new program is for the average Joe who is willing to work their way up, or to buy their way up and get the Set Up is all ‘Done for You’ service!

Here’s Some Proof

I’m going to show you the Back Office Review to show you this is real and that it works when you can put numbers of people in.
Right now there are 10,000+ members and 2.0+ million in commissions paid.
There must be some truth in this program when 10,000 have paid for the service and USD$2.0 million in commissions had been paid instantly peer to peer by this smart contract system! The transactions can be seen here:
This is a PROVEN system, it’s been running now for 30 days now. It’s not in a pre-launch and it’s not a scam, it’s a 100% REAL SAFE OPPORTUNITY my friend!
And the best thing is, I can hang my hat on this, EZYTRX will be around for decades, and it will continue to reward those people who do the work! You can too!

EZYTRX Income Proof After Only 24 Days

My Reason Why, Why I Do What I Do In Life!

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You can view my story ‘The Tutorman Story’ in the ‘About Me’ Page.
I am doing this because I have a calling in life to leave a legacy to the world.
And to honor my son, and best mate Dana Sun Hokkanen who passed away.

My Biggest Emergency

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‘Like an arrow passing through my heart’, I felt my son and best mate Dana Sun Hokkanen pass away in a hospital ward.
In December 2016, the affiliate marketing business I had been building for 12 months collapses because my account is closed and the owner refuses to pay my commissions. It was an unsustainable business model, similar to many other failed crypto businesses seen around the world.
The Biggest Pain Points of The Average Marketer:
Pain 1 – I cannot recruit;
Pain 2 – I don’t know anyone;
Pain 3 – I have no experience;
Pain 4 – I have no technical knowledge;
Pain 5 – I have no time or money;
Broken Promises:
Pain 6 – My sponsor promised he would help me;
Pain 7 – My sponsor promised he would put someone under me and he proceeded to have me sponsored by someone else,; (big mistake… huge!)
Pain 8 – My Sponsor left me and I haven’t heard from him for a month. I am now an orphan in the business.
Pain 9 – I was promised free Tron TRX for videos placed on Youtube. I am yet to receive any Tron TRX.
Pain 10 – My sponsor lied to me and I am an orphan and have nobody to help me!
Mindset Problems: ‘It’s a SCAM’ ‘All Opportunities are Scams; ‘It’s a Pyramid’
Do not eliminate yourself before you get started!
The Great Thing is, this One is Built on a 100% Safe and Sustainable Business Model Called a Smart Contract Program!

The Facts Don’t Count When You Have a Dream!

– The facts don’t count when you have a dream, and you take imperfect massive action.
– You can have anything you want: I wrote down my goal + dream to sponsor 5 personals and add 15 members to the group.
‘I Leo Hokkanen have in my possession $6,200,000 on this day, 31st December, 2023’. 
Signed by me.
‘I live the way i please’
My life looks like this… See the Lifestyle page, and watch the video there.

I believe I had found that opportunity that we both seek.
The Easy Way to Earn Cryptocurrency.
My Friend, let me introduce EZYTRX to you...

Ezytrx Smart Contract Compensation Plan

The Home of 100% Decentralized TRX Smart Contract
No Boss, No Risk and No Scam!

Key features:
1. 100% Safe Smart Contract
2. 100% Direct Commission for Unlimited Referrals in EZY1 Program
3. 50% Direct Commission for Higher Steps Purchased By Referrals Before You Upgrade to That Step in EZY1.
4. 3X10 Forced Matrix - Guarantees Payment of 10% From 88,572 Participants in EZY10;
5. Earn 10X from Each Step Purchased and then Upgrade to Next Step;
6. Unlimited Income Potential;
7. Instant Payments;
8. No Boss;
9. 100% of the Money is Distributed Among The Members, and Nobody Takes a Cut from the Money;
10. You Decide on What Your Income Level Will Become Based on How Hard and How Smart You Work!

The 99% Vs The 1%

99% of People are Getting Little or No Results Online!
They make less than $100 per month online!
– When You Get No Results – Then You Complain;
– When You Get Results (Top 1%) – You Are Happier;
– When You Become Part of the Top 0.01%, You Retire Early and You Are Free!
And You Are The Happiest!
True or True?
So how do we get into the top 0.01% of marketers online?

How Can I Earn Tron Cryptocurrency Quickly and Easily?

Pain 11 – How can I Buy TRX?
Pain 12 – What Tron TRX Crypto Wallet Should I Get and from Where?
Pain 13 – How Should I Use The TronLink Wallet?
Pain 14 – What is the Procedure to Activate and Upgrade Slots (Steps) in the Smart Contract?
Pain 15 – Where Do I Find My Affiliate Link?

That’s no problem, I’ve got that covered. Go to the Fast Start Guide!

Pain 16 – How Do I Generate Traffic?
Pain 17 – How Can I Build a Website?
Pain 18 – How Can I Promote the Ezytrx Opportuntity Well?
Pain 19 – How Do I Build a List?
Pain 20 – How Can I Create Digital Products to Give to Members as a Gift?
I’m not a marketer Tutorman! (Friend, Please stop your failure mindset and self-sabotage)

My digital marketing strategies teach you these things step by step! – Tutorman!

Pain 21 – Where can I find the right mentor to help me?
Pain 22 – Where can I find a proven blueprint to follow step by step?
Pain 23 – How can I focus for more than 5 minutes?
Pain 24 – I don’t have experience or technical knowledge and I’m not good enough. How do I overcome these challenges?
Pain 25 – I don’t have a dream!

I can help you with all these things my friend but if you don’t have a dream, then you goal is to find one!

Financial Success = Dream + Vehicle + Work Smart!

Work Hard Program:
The secret to your online business success, is to complete these 3 easy steps!
These are the same 3 steps I used to semi-retire in 2016!
Step 1 – Get Set Up For Business Success;
Step 2 – Get the Link and Upgrade Your Slot(s) and
Step 3 – Learn a Marketing Strategy and Take Imperfect Action By Sharing the Opportunity Using The Strategy You Learned from Tutorman.
Easy or easy? It’s really easy!
The more you imperfect action you take, the more you win!
The more people you show this opportunity to, the closer you get to financial freedom.
As your numbers increase, your chance of having an influencer in your team increases, and you only need 3 or 4 active influencers to get that passive income that will help you retire.
Cool or cool? It’s absolutely awesome!
There are Only 9 Spots in this program and each member gets all the benefits of the ‘Work Hard’ program.
– Free Advertising, Rotator Spots; and Coaching.
Work Smart Program is 100% Automated
There are Only 3 Spots in this program and each member gets all the benefits:
– Free Advertising, Rotator Spots; Coaching and Paid Advertising.
– You Get a Free Website (All Done For You) and the training to take your business to the next level, just like me!
The benefit of this program is a business that runs on autopilot and you just count the money coming in.
Easy or easy? It’s really simple and easy!
Have the right mindset; get the website URL and turn on the traffic and conversion will come turning visitors into paying members and business builders.
You can download the ‘Work Smart’ program below and you can ask me about the ‘Joint Venture’ or ‘Partner’ program.

The Ultimate Marketing System

The ‘Work Smart’ program uses the ‘Ultimate Marketing System’ and targeted traffic to get leads, upgrades and help members earn TRX on autopilot.
See the System page to learn more!
We are building a movement and the secret to our success is based on helping members to recruit and earn TRX with a simple and easy duplication model.
That secret business model will be revealed to you when you have made commitments of time and money to build this.
The Ultimate Marketing System Eliminates Any Competition – Tutorman


Download ‘My Case Study’ Now!

DOWNLOAD My Case Study Below, It’s My Gift to You. It’s for the ‘Hard Workers’Limited to 9 Members.

==> Totally 100% FREE!

UPGRADE to Slot(s) and I Will ‘Work with You’,
Upgrade to First 5 Slots and I Will ‘Partner with You’.

To help you WORK SMART using the proven method to sponsor 1000s of members…

What drives me to succeed?

It’s my vision for my future and the completion of Dana’s legacy and what that looks like!


What Members Are Saying About Ezytrx

Who is Making Money with EzyTrx?
Go to the Proof Page and you will see who is making REAL money with EzyTrx.


The Big Vision

When I Help Enough People to Get What They Want, I Get What I Want.
Zig Ziglar quote: “If you help enough people get what they want, you will get what you want.”

See My Case Study – ‘How I Made $300 in 1 Day’.

Here is my example, how I Sponsored 5X People in 1 Day and Made $300. – You can too!
Go to the System page and you will see how we can work smart (not hard), for one day…
And then repeat it over and over for every day!
‘The traffic gets turned on like turning on a tap’ Switch it ON and Switch it OFF!
Or leave the tap on all the time!
What would you do? You would leave it ON wouldn’t you?

Something Bigger Than Oneself

IMG 6409
We are doing something collectively to build a matrix and a movement to help people change their lives all over the world.
See the lifestyle page to see what life can be like; but also we can do good things to help others and we can do something to leave a legacy to the world.
Dana’s Legacy charity is to create a cancer screening technology that is non-invasive and can be used widely by anyone…; and more importantly saving lives!
Cool or cool, It’s absolutely awesome!

Register Your Slot(s) and Get Started Now! Fund First 5 Slots ID33 Screen shot 1 scaled

1. To Get Started Now Go to the Fast Start Guide Page to Learn How to Get Set Up for Success;

2. Become a ‘VIP’ and JV Partner By Upgrading to the First 5 Slots.

3. Share the Opportunity with the World.

– 100% You Will Make Profit When You Introduce 2 Members Who Buy at the Same Slot Levels You Did!
It’s Proven – It’s Proven By All Those Members That Sponsored 2 members!
– It’s Proven By The Data in the EZYTRX Smart Contract, which is visible to anyone who cares to look at it!

Register Now!


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