Affiliate Marketer Reveals The Best Internet Marketing Traffic Strategy

Affiliate Marketer Reveals The Best Internet Marketing Traffic Strategy!

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From: Tutorman
To: Freedom Seekers
Dear Friend,

If you’re reading this then you likely know there’s a sh.. load of money to be made online ….

But you will have to find ‘THE BEST INTERNET MARKETING TRAFFIC STRATEGY and usually have the experience to really make it work, and I am guessing if you’re here you’ve tried that before – and it simply didn’t work.

True or True? It’s Absolutely True!

I remember joining a program from a marketer called Anthony (It’s not just Anthony, but I could name 10 online experts at the top of the Affiliate Marketing foodchain and they are all the same); And the videos vault I accessed had so many videos, literally on hundreds of topics, and it just left me confused and overwhelmed!

That method of training promised ‘SUCCESS’, But all I wanted was a REFUND!

There was a low cost product and then many upsells and there was no one I could talk to or be mentored by one on one, certainly not Anthony. I had reached out to him but got NO REPLY!

Now when I try to access the video vault I bought, it doesn’t exist anymore!

That’s the same for many “Killer Whale” Affiliates. Heck, I was even promised to get ‘Grand Fathered’ into a program… Simply B.S.; I was sold B.S.

What these marketers do is regurgitate the same ideas, but with a different name!

The new name is ‘data aggregation’ but actually what it really is, will be exposedby me later in this letter!

The Dirty Lies of Affiliate Marketing Are to Be Exposed By Tutorman

The simple answer is IT DOESN’T WORK FOR MANY PEOPLE!!!
That’s why I decided to create a program that is different.
My new Partner With Tutorman program literally allows you to partner with me, ONE ON ONE; STEP BY MCRO-STEP; HELPING YOU TO OVERCOME YOUR ONLINE CHALLENGES IN REAL TIME!

When you make money – I make money!
… and that’s great news for you because it means you can know beyond a shadow of a doubt my goal isn’t to just sell you some crappy outdated videos, my goal is for you to be successful and actually make money with our program.

Instead of doing things alone you’re going to simply plugin to my “Ultimate Marketing System” where you can share your affiliate links and earn commissions.

It’s a win for me and a win for you…But First Let’s Clear Something Up Real Fast…This program and partnering with me simply isn’t for everyone.
In fact, this brand new Partner With Tutorman program might not even be for you?
This program is ONLY for 2 types of people:

1.) Internet Marketers who are looking to take their businesses to the next level and create more income.

2.) “Newbies” who are looking to start their first online business the right way the first time and are determined to have success by investing in themselves.

And it’s so easy to make money that you just need to complete 3 steps!
1. Sign up; 2. Activate the Ultimate Marketing System and 3. Share the Income Links with others!

Simple and Easy? It’s Really Simple and Easy!

The Dirty Lies of Affiliate Marketing, Exposed Now By Tutorman

If you are a “Newbie” you need to know the ONE Secret the 50 Million Dollar marketers DON’T EVER TELL YOU!

What is the SECRET?

The Super Affiliates Best Internet Marketing Traffic Strategy is:

The F#$K!v0 Affiliate Army!

The Super Affiliate Marketer’s Best Internet Marketing Traffic Strategy is The Affiliate Army!

Terrible Cheats and I Will Tell You Why!

They Succeed Every Time They Send An Offer To Their Affiliate Marketing List!

Superaffiliates they have 100s of thousands and millions of marketers (like me and you) on their list.

Some are cold, some are warm and some are hot leads! The hot leads are the ones the super affiliate has given massive value to in the past and they are the perfect followers to have, because they will help the superaffiliate you promote their products!

It’s disgusting, the amount of money they can and do make! This dude, Anthony made $50 million dollars doing that!

Because of their list, when they promote a new offer they can literally make $30,000 or more in just one hour!

Then they brag about how fast they did that… but what they didn’t do is start from scratch!!!

It’s all about the affiliate list; so we, my friend need to become good at traffic and list building!

True or true?

It’s absolutely true!

What pissed me off (got me angry), was they used their list to deceive the general public and the newbies!

Case Study 1 – Super Affiliate Marketer’s Deception

  1. Super Affiliate Brett signed up a newbie called Michael, who bought Brett’s training program. Michael was a newbie and knew nothing about Internet Marketing.
  2. Brett created a stunt for a product promotion;
  3. Brett was giving away a lucky dip prize for one student!
  4. Brett chose Michael, who received the gift of one-on-one mentoring;
  5. Brett coached Michael every day for a week to make money online;
  6. Brett gave Michael access to part of his list of affiliates, and I was one of them.
  7. Michael wrote an email to affiliates and me, asking me for help to promote his high value content, which then also led to a sales page selling Brett’s training program!
  8. Members promoted Michael’s offer and Michael made $11,000 (50% Commission and Brett Made $11,000 (50% Commission);
  9. Plus Brett got all the new customers onto his list too!
  10. Brett also used Michaels “success” for online promotion!
  11. He was recently featured in the documentary, “Internet Challenge” where a film crew followed his every move as “Brett helped a complete beginner, Michael, start an online business. The result? Within 30-days Michael had earned $11,643.

If you ask me, then my former mentor was very sneaky!

However, if you do fit into one of these categories we’re excited to invite you to join the most exclusive and cost-effective program you’ll ever find for building an online business. Here’s What You Get As A Member After joining the Partner With Tutorman program here’s what you get:

  1. ‘My Case Study – How I Retired’, the Actual 20 steps that helped me go from zero (welfare) to hero (semi-retired).
  2. Exclusive 5 Tutorman Blueprint Classes, with each designed to walk you step by micro-step through the same strategies that helped me make $10,000 in a single day!
  3. Ultimate Marketing System – income links you can easily share with anyone, with just one click from inside the system!
  4. The UMS system is all set up and done for you ready to make income on autopilot! That will allow you to start generating commissions from some of the same products (physical and digital) and services that pay me commissions every single day! (not month)

In fact here’s an Earnings Snapshot of ONE of the affiliate marketing program’s I used in 2016, to earn money from In a single month, I made $28,000.

proof 2017
Earnings Snapshot!

** I show you how to start generating commissions with in our program. I am not guaranteeing you’re going to be making $933 per day 🙂 #transparency #honesty
– Instant Access to the “Tutorman Blueprint” live events that I do for you each Tuesday. This is where you get a chance to interact with me and let me answer any questions you might have so we can make sure you get everything up and running properly.
– BONUS 1: I am giving you a complete SYSTEM DONE FOR YOU that I use for my “Favorite Online Business”
– BONUS 2: I am giving you a digital copy of ‘my case study – how i retired’ yours free.
– BONUS 3: You’ll get full access to my weekly Tutorman Blueprint LIVE training where I build businesses and give them to you completely free!
I am guessing you’re pretty excited by now…$0 For All Of This.. Tutorman Are You Crazy?
Yes or Yes?
I am honestly thinking of making access to this Partnership program about $50 per month which I think would be an insane value wouldn’t you agree?

However, before we open this up to everyone we want to open up our Partner With Tutorman program to a select few “founding members” at a completely no-brainer investment.

The enrollment investment is so unheard of that you’ll probably think to yourself “Is Tutorman Crazy”, but I can assure you that I am not.

I’m just passionate about helping you and people just like you create and have success online.

So I completely went against the grain and have decided to do something I have just simply never done before…

You can get full access to the Partner With Tutorman program today for just $0 per month.

And if you sign up today, I am going to extend to you a ridiculous no questions asked money back guarantee so I can prove to you that this program is a game changer for you and your business.
Join The Partner With Tutorman Program Today!And Claim Your FREE Bonuses Immediately!Here’s What To Do Next

Tutorman Blueprint Bundle jpg 800X518

Step 1: Click the “Join The Partner With Tutorman Program” Button anywhere on this page

Step 2: Enter your information

Step 3: We’ll send you your login details (and bonuses) in an email immediately!

Sounds simple right? It’s really that easy..

So if you’re ready to join us and partner with me to build your brand new online business enroll now!

Before you do that…. one more quick thing
A Quick Decision Matters…
You simply won’t be able to join the Partner With Anthony program forever…

In fact, we’re still planning to raise the enrollment fee to $197 monthly, but for now we’re giving our new founding members a ridiculous discount.

It’s important to not let this opportunity pass you by…

One of the things I teach inside is how successful entrepreneur’s (especially Internet Marketers) take massive action. To be successful you simply have to be able to make quick and calculated decisions.
…. and that’s what I think you should do right now.

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I know by now you’re thinking to yourself YES… 
I want to be a member of the Partner With Anthony program….
…but it gets better because I have one of the most iron clad money back guarantees you’ll ever find for a partnership program.
In fact, most online courses have a NO REFUND policy… but here’s what I am doing for you when you make the decision to join us today.

The Best Partnership Guarantee EverI realize you are able to join this exclusive Partner With Anthony program at a ridiculously low price, but I want to do even more to make sure you don’t let this chance pass you by…

So I am giving you a full 30 day no questions asked money back guarantee when you join today.

AIgsep 30 day money back guarantee transparent

If for any reason you want a refund in your first 30 days simply send us a direct email (and yes we provide our email address to you once you’re on the inside) and I’ll personally guarantee a fast and full refund to you in under 24 hours.

So all the risk is on me to over deliver when you get inside the Partner With Anthony program right?
What’s the real risk in you giving it a chance?
The only risk is that you’ll completely miss out on the opportunity (and the bonuses) if you don’t take action immediately.

This Is Something You’ll Likely NEVER See Again The Partnership Program Along With The Insane Bonuses Is A Complete Game Changer For EveryoneJoin The Partner With Anthony Program Today!And Claim Your FREE Bonuses Immediately!Best of Success,


P.S. In case you’re one of those people who just scroll to the end of the letter without reading anything, here’s the cliff notes version of what we’re doing:

I’ve created the worlds most cost effective and easy program to help you build your business, it’s called the Partner With Anthony program.
I plan on charging $197 per month to be a member of this exclusive group and training (which is an amazing deal by the way), but right now I am letting “founding members” join for just $7 per month.
No I am not crazy… and yes you read that right just $7 per month

Just because it doesn’t cost thousands of dollars doesn’t mean it’s not packed with knowledge and opportunity just like any other program… it simply means that its affordable for EVERYONE which is exactly what I wanted for my students.

No longer are partnership programs only available to those who can spend thousands and travel all over the world because honestly that blocks 99% of people from being able to benefit from what I think is one of the big unfair advantages when building your own online business – working with me personally.
Right now you can join, build your business and take full advantage of everything we offer in our Partner With Anthony program for just a few bucks…
Hurry & Join Us Today Before The “Founders” Price Is Gone…

  •  Partnership program where when you make money so do I… so as you can see this makes sense for us both.
  •  Exclusive “Commission Links” that will allow you to start generating commissions from some of the same companies that pay me every single month. ($97 value)
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  •  Access to our “Business Building Commission Eco-System”, which until now has never been available to anyone. This allows you to partner with me, let me help you build your business, and then use me to do all the work for you so you can focus on generating commissions.
IMG 2432 2
  • ** By the way Commissions simply mean payments to you. These are my earnings above and I am simply showing you this so you can see one of the companies I show you how to start generating commissions with in our program. I am not guaranteeing you’re going to be making $982,505.22 🙂 #transparency #honesty **
  •  Instant Access to the “PWA Live” event that we do each week for everyone in our program. This is where you get a chance to interact with me and let me answer any questions you might have so we can make sure you get everything up and running properly.
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The Tutorman Story

Hey Friend, Leo here 🙂
I’m here to serve you; give massive value and to complete a legacy!

Back Story:
I had been working in China as a teacher where I met my wife. We had a son called Dana. In 2012, our son turned 1, and now I had a new dream.

What’s My Goal:
I started a business online to make the money to finance a better life for my family.

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Dana and Leo

Using my smart phone I recorded my first ever story video.

image 3
My First Online Video (Screenshot)

I didn’t know it at the time, but being taking imperfect action, and making mistakes was the key for me to move me closer to my dream!

I searched Google for a ‘mentor’, and ‘make money online’, but I just ended up going around in circles.

After 3 months working on my online business full-time, I had failed miserably making only $17 selling an affiliate product. I finally listened to my wife and with ‘my tail between my legs’ I went back to work as an English teacher. 

I Made The 3 Biggest Online Marketing Mistakes:
1. I had no mentor with fruit on the tree;
2. I had no proven program that was step by micro step;
3. I had no focus and no one to help me to overcome my challenges when I encountered them.

In December 2012, I create a name for my business, and myself. I am now known as Tutorman.

Tutor man

I return to Australia with my family and open my Tutorman business online. I buy the domain for US$4000.

A Friend Helps Me Discover Something:
In search of an online mentor, a friend tells me about an digital product guru. I Google him; I find his website; He offers me a ticket to his live seminar. I buy his coaching program and he teaches me about digital marketing.

I interview a self-publishing author and my first mentor, recording the interviews which I use to help write my first e-book.

Product Superhero - By Tutorman
My First Digital Product – Product Superhero.

Using paid traffic, I make my first $1000 digital product sale selling my mentor’s training program.
Good or good?

My Adventure:
I continue to learn from the online experts and I spend $80,000 on their informational products; ‘how to’ education programs; on tools; online advertising and I make many mistakes.

By now, I have grinded to make about $10,000 as an affiliate marketer.

Telling Stories That Sell:
I discover a way to tell stories that sell. A mentor shares his ‘magnetic sales blueprint’ with me. It’s a 20 step formula for selling your products or services!

Continuing Education:
I continue to consume the digital products of different mentors. I read e-book after e-book and watch video after video; inch by inch, I become an expert in marketing systems; product creation and traffic generation.

Learning from the best makes me unstoppable!

It’s My Birthday in February 2016:

  • I set my goals and dreams, to make more money in 2016 than I ever had in one year and to get fitter than I have ever been before;
  • I write them down on paper;
  • I pray for a miracle;
  • A friend introduces me to an opportunity;
  • I exercise early every morning at the gym and I take consistent daily action doing what I know best from what I had learned from the experts;
  • I share my story using social media marketing. Using my iPhone and screen capture software I record and produce presentations, and over the shoulder step by step instructional videos that I upload to Facebook and Youtube to share with the world.
  • The plan works and after 70 days I am making enough passive income to get off welfare.
  • I am making more money than I ever had in a year, and I am fitter physically than I have ever been.
proof 2017

image 4
I’m super fit and I play my first game of football in 24 years!
  • My income increases to $28,000 per month and I become semi-retired, and decide to travel to the places I had always wanted to visit.
On the Tropical Island Resort
IMG 3955
At the Top of the Tropical Island Resort
Tutorman Banner1

Cool or Cool? It’s Absolutely Awesome!

I Experience Tragedy
On June 18th, 2016, I have ‘My Biggest Emergency’ and like an ‘arrow passing through my heart’ my 5 year old son and best mate passes away due to an undetected brain tumor, called a medulloblastoma.

My Biggest Emergency
To bring meaning and positivity to the passing of my son and best mate Dana, I decide to create a legacy in his name. I write my goal down on paper!

IMG 6409
3 Goals for Dana’s Legacy

3 Goals for Dana’s Legacy

1. A Charity for Dana’s Legacy;
2. Develop Tumor and Cancer Early Detection Device to Give to Hospitals and Medical Centers;
3. Give Funds to Research and Development Department.

I lose all focus and suffer mental illness, but my passive income generating business keeps paying me until the end of 2016, when the money stops coming in! My affiliate business fails because of company mismanagement, and the mother company collapses!

A New Discovery:
In March 2020, I receive an email and a gift from a guru marketer online. That referral to a business opportunity allows me to start making money online.

The Victory:
This business opportunity resonates with my reason why and the money earned goes to my legacy charity. This is my calling in life, why I do what I do! Cancer D.A.N.A. can be found at

Dana and I are on this journey together!

Cool or cool? It’s absolutely awesome!


Leo Hokkanen,
Digital marketer; investor; fundraiser; legacy builder and also known as Tutorman.

Helping people to help themselves and freeing the world!

P.s. “If You’d Like To Start Your Own Profitable Business Online Now By Partnering With Me, then Click the Button or Link Below This Video, And I’ll See You in the Next Video!



My Biggest Emergency

My Vulnerable Story
Warning: This was a terrible tragedy!

Background: It’s 4:17pm on the 17th of June and I receive a text message from my wife telling me that our son had been admitted to the Box Hill Hospital because he had been vomiting for about 10 times in the early morning.

I drop everything, and I rushed to the hospital ward, and I arrived at 5:25 pm. My son had been vomiting and only eating small amounts of food during the day and I present his symptoms to hospital staff.

I show them, he cannot stand up; he cannot walk more than 5 meters before he is totally exhausted. And he cannot go to the toilet by himself and he doesn’t balance on the toilet seat.

I tell my son as I hold him in my arms, I tell him, ‘Dana, I will love you forever’, and he then falls asleep.

Around 6:00 pm the hospital staff tell us to take our son home. I say ‘no I can’t because he’s in a bad state, he needs to be here just in case we need the doctor’s help. I sleep with him overnight. Giving him small amounts to drink and small amounts of food at intervals; at 8:00 o’clock; 10:00 o’clock; 1200 o’clock and we fall asleep; until around 2:00 am I wake to the groaning noise coming from my son.

I try to wake him up, but I can’t arouse him, so I press the green button to sound the alarm. At this stage I take the photo of my son.

My Biggest Emergency

My son is now being taken care of by expert doctors who start to take blood samples out of his left arm and I tell myself not to react, not to lose it because he’s in the best hands with doctors.

My son seems to wake up and he starts to resist everything that is going on and he fights against the doctors. The alarm sounds, it’s a code blue. And I film this 4 seconds, 4 1 second videos. The doctor starts to examine my son in his eyes with an apparatus. So I come in close and have a look. The doctor tells me to ‘backoff’, so I go into the hallway and I walk up and down the hallway thinking about calling my wife.

Pain: It’s now 2:34 am and ‘like an arrow shot through my heart, I feel my son Dana and best mate die’.

He is placed on equipment to maintain his heart beat, and heart pressure and blood pressure. However after family is educated, the equipment is finally turned off after 7 days.

The neurosurgeon said it was like a bushfire had gone through my best mate’s brain and his brain no longer communicated with his body. He had died of a medulloblastoma, an aggressive form of cancer in children.

I over the next days, weeks and months suffer a lack of focus; I cannot work; I have problems with my concentration; I have panic attacks, a kind of mental illness.

But to continue my journey, I return to China, to teach children from the ages of 3-5. You see my son Dana was 5 years and a third when he passed on, and going to China was my way of giving back to children.

In early 2019, I have a nightmare in China. My mum, my dad and Dana are all in the dream but as you know they have all passed on. And my parents and Dana are very angry with me! I have an inner breakthrough, I interpret the dream to mean: I have limited time on this planet in my life to make ‘Dana’s Legacy’ a reality!

To bring meaning and positivity to the passing of my son and best mate Dana, I start fundraising for Dana’s legacy charity. A to create the early cancer detection technology. Detection Analysis Neurological Apparatus, or Cancer D.A.N.A. I register the charity in his name and I begin fundraising.

‘This my friend is my calling in life, why I do what I do! Please give a donation to make my and Dana’s dream come true!

Go ahead give to Dana’s legacy charity. Thanks for listening, I’m Leo Hokkanen, Dana’s proud father!

Thank You!

Cancer D.A.N.A.

I am fundraising for Dana’s legacy charity. Contributions are accepted in Bitcoin BTC.

Dana’s Legacy Charity Bitcoin (BTC) Address: 14sZwWFG3weLyhSKk6Yp2zxxvibtNDaKij

Give Today and You Will Receive!

Dana Sun Hokkanen died of an undetected medulloblastoma, and if I had the technology to scan my son to detect or diagnose his illness, then I would have. 8 months earlier I had taken my son to have a full medical and asked the doctor to give my son a CAT Scan but he had refused, because he said Dana was a healthy boy.  

6 weeks before he passed he was taken to different doctor and specialist who again told us he was a healthy boy.

2 weeks before he died I took him to the Royal Children’s Hospital in Melbourne and on inspection the hospital were unable to diagnose that my son had anything seriously wrong with him.

Cancer D.A.N.A –  My goal is to give $2.26 million to help in the creation of a non-invasive cancer early Detection and Analysis of Neurological (diseases of the nervous system) Apparatus. Donations of $60,000; $200,000 and $2 million in 3 stages will go to the institution best positioned in the world to deliver this breakthrough technology. I will make sure the technology is created, mass produced and distributed to the mass market including medical centers and hospitals around the world.  Leo Hokkanen (Father and Legacy Builder)

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Dana and Dad in Prep Classroom.

Disclaimer: “Business online success requires the right mindset, skill and doing things in the certain way. I cannot promise you that you will semi-retire like I did, or make any money at all. It is my experience that your success with this program depends on your daily proof of work. It is my belief that by completing the steps in this story over and over again every day for at least a 90 day period, something magical starts to happen and you could meet with success”.