Story Formulas

Story Formulas

Story Formulas – 7 Steps to Write a Story That Sells Just Like a Hollywood Blockbuster Movie!

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Story Formulas Introduction:

In this post you will learn how to tell stories that sell. In the first part you will see the 7 step story formulas for telling stories that sell products or services. After that you will see example stories!

#1 – The first type of story is the Hero story! Example: The Tutorman Story, This method is almost exactly the same as how they tell stories in Hollywood in blockbuster movies such as Superman, Star Wars, Avatar, etc.

#2 – The second type of story is a vultnerable story, just like My Biggest Emergency story!

7 Steps to Write a Story That Sells Just Like a Hollywood Blockbuster Movie!

1. Your story needs a hero and that’s You!
So introduce yourself.

2. There is a ‘Back Story’, when your share how and where you got started.
And ‘Share your Goal’ and this is the same goal that your target market has!

3. There is a ‘Guide’ who leads you to a discovery.
Someone who leads you to someone or shares something that gets you closer to your goal.

4. There is a Tool: that they told you about that you start to use that is significant in your quest for victory.
It may even be a strategy that they told you, so share it with your reader/listener!

This is not the end of your story, but just the beginning…

Your target customer needs to know you like you and trust you and they will see that you are the one to help them and not your ‘guide’ or mentor.

5. Adventure:
You experienced some success from your ‘Guides’ advice but you really failed. What did you try and what milestones did you reach?

6. There were ‘Challenges’ slowing you down:
There are some pain points with your target customer right now!
Those failures left you feeling like shit.
Your ‘guide’ didn’t give you the secret sauce as you thought he did.

Show your emotion! Tell your target customer what’s wrong with all your competitors products and services.

Tell your target customer why your solution is better!

7. There is a New Discovery and this is the secret that nobody else knows.
This new discovery is your product or service offering.
There is also a Victory where you live the life of your dreams.

See my example #1 – The Tutorman Story
To your better story telling,

See my example #2 – My Biggest Emergency

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