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Hey Freedom Seeker,

Leo here 🙂
Digital marketer, investor, fundraiser, legacy builder and also known as Tutorman

I’m here to serve you, give massive value and to complete a legacy.

Today I will focus on helping you to achieve your goals and dreams.

Financial Success = Dream + Vehicle (Opportunity) + Work (Smart)

It’s important we write down our goals and dreams, so that we can get anything we want!

We need a great opportunity and this is the best I have ever seen!

Then we are going to work smart together to achieve this goal together!

Cool or cool? It’s really cool!

I made the 3 biggest mistakes marketers make:

I had no mentor to help me overcome my challenges in real-time; no proven program and no focus.

Today, I will allow you to work with me, when you make the decision to become a business builder.

We can overcome your challenges in real time;
You can follow a proven program called My Case Study – How I Retired; and
I will give you that step by step focus, but

You must do these things 3 things to meet with success:

1. Write Down Your Goal and Dream! Click to Watch Video
2. Read My Case Study How I Retired. Click to Watch Video
3. Complete the Fast Start Guide: Click to Watch Video

And then we take daily ‘imperfect’ action, for an hour a day towards our goals and dreams for the next 90 days!

That’s all you need to do, to meet with success!

The secret to your success depends on how well you can copy the blueprint that I have just laid out for you!


EZYTRX Compensation Plan



16 Days after launch, there are now more than 5000 registrations who had bought slot 1 in the smart contract.

The total amount of money that had gone from peer to peer in commissions is more than $1.3 million US dollars. 

There must be some truth in this business when we see these kinds of numbers. True or true?

Your success depends 100% on your work ethic.

100% commissions in EZ1 and 10% Commissions (from 88,572 members in 10 levels) in EZ10 engines will help you to make money quickly and easily.

When commission is earned, we get paid instantly! 

I have never seen a system that works as good as this one.

100% of the money in the system goes to members; there is no boss; no chance of loss in this risk free, safe opportunity.

The ‘numbers game’ is simple: Sponsor 2 people at the same level as you and you win!

And you can win!


What is EZYTRX Smart Contract?

Introducing EzyTrx (Easy Tron):
The smartest decentralized, lucrative platform built on tron blockchain technology.
This program is powered by a smart contract that promises Risk Free and real-time transactions where 100% of funds are redistributed into the network.
The great advantage of a smart contract is that it is clear, transparent and can never be altered.
EzyTrx (Easy Tron) offers 2 programs, EZ1 and EZ10.
EZ1 – Program: Upon purchase of each step in the EZ1 program the same step in EZ10 is simultaneously activated.
Your investment will work and earn in both sections.
Thanks to the smart contract, commissions and earnings are distributed to your personal tron wallet (tronlink.org wallet).
No information is stored.
100% of the funds are paid instantly. No company takes a cent, and there is Zero Chance of a SCAM.
How do the 2 programs work?
There are a total of 10 steps in the program. Each subsequent step is priced higher than the previous one.
The lowest package is priced at 1000 TRX or about USD$35. (on current value).
Everything begins with EZ1 which is the direct referrals. Everyone who joins EZ1 with your recommendation, you will receive a commission of 100%.
If your direct referral funds a step (slot) higher than what you own, instead of earning nothing, you will still earn 50% commission. And the remaining 50% will go to anyone above you owning a higher package.
This method is unique only in Ezytrx platform and no other program pays this handsomely. What’s more is all of the people that you sponsor will follow you in every step irrespective of you aquiring a package in a higher step.
The value to own higher steps is enormous. And you will enjoy vastly greater earnings as you progressively unlock each step.
EZ10 on the other hand, is programmed to place members in a 3×10 level matrix automatically filling slots from the top to bottom. from left to right…
This system in fashioned in such as way that participants can transparently and fairly receive spillovers from their uplines and earn commissions on 10 layers deep.
A full matrix consists of 88,572 people that will continually pay passive commissions to you.
In Easy Tron, income can grow exponentially. Just completing the matrix in the first step of 1000 TRX, or $35 dollars will earn you 4.40 million TRX. (~$154,000).
Step 2 will earn you a maximum of 8.80 million TRX when your matrix completes.
Step 3 gives you 22.14 million
TRX Step 4 equals 44.29 million TRX
Step 5 equals 88.57 million TRX, and so on.
With just 5 steps you can earn up to 168.20 million TRX, (or about $5,887,000).
In order to further maximize your potential and continual earning, you must upgrade to the next highest step upon reaching 10 times your current package value.
For example, if you originally purchased just step 1, with 1000 TRX, by the time you reach 10000 TRX, you must upgrade otherwise your account will stop earning commissions.
Failure to upgrade will temporarily suspend your position…, and all income will be transferred to the next available level above.
Your earnings restart upon upgrade. We suggest you fund at least 5 steps so that you cover 50% of all packages from the beginning.
You will have to fund each step sequentially, and no step can be skipped.
Start earning and change your life today. It will not take you long to begin start earning hundreds of thousands of dollars in Tron (TRX) from the moment you join.
Limitless earning is waiting… Earn Tron (TRX) the Easy Way, Today!
Disclaimer: There is no guarantee that you will make any money because success online requires hard work, skill, the right market conditions and doing things in the certain way. Ezytrx smart contract is running on the blockchain of Tron cryptocurrency. A software program (algorithms EZY1 and EZY10) perform the function of a distribution of affiliate commissions between community members peer to peer. Nichlaus D’Cruz (Singapore) and his software development team created the EZYTRX Smart Contract, found here: https://tronscan.org/#/contract/TGZfB3J9NvHJ3BXnPA19FzBT2uNsrgenKw/