EZYTRX Smart Contract

What is EZYTRX (TRON)?

EZYTRX Smart Contract is a global new-generation crowdfunding platform, as well as an electronic cryptocurrency blockchain smart contract platform.
EZYTRX is built on the Tron blockchain and in the form of a smart contract, that is open source. This also means that EZYTRX is not controlled by anyone, not controlled by any third party, and it is automatic and sustainable.
And the profit rules of EZYTRX are on the blockchain to seal the smart contract.

What are the advantages of EZYTRX?

First of all, we said that EZYTRX is a global smart contract, and it is a decentralized model with open source code!

Secondly, there is no bubble in EZYTRX, and the network will never be closed.


The dynamics are allocated.


Directly recommend the EZY 1 matrix to get benefits!
Recommend 2 people to pay back instantly!


EZY10 is a 3 x 10 automatic matrix, which contains all your referrals, downlines, and downlines of the previous level.

All members are automatically arranged from top to bottom, from left to right, and from high to low to form a 3 x 10 matrix.

At the same time, EZY10 is a three-three replication matrix, and the fission speed is very fast!

Moreover, the network of the team slips, so the network can also make a huge profit!

What is a Smart Contract?

The 5 Characteristics of a Cryptographic Smart Contract
1. Decentralized and runs on the Tron Blockchain;
2. It’s Transparent (the code is Opensource and can be viewed);
3. Autonomous (it runs independently);
4. Immutable (it cannot be changed);
5. It’s anonymous (does not capture any of your private information).

EZYTRX Developer Nichlaus DCruz

EZYTRX Smart Contract was developed by Nichlaus D’Cruz and his development team. Click the Button Below to Continue the Tour!