Warning ‘Insider’ Reveals The Truth About EZYTRX


All your questions are answered here in this EZYTRX Review by independent researcher Leo Hokkanen.

Hey Friend, Leo here, digital marketer, investor, fundraiser legacy builder and also known as Tutorman
I’m here to serve you, to give you massive value and to complete a legacy!
Welcome to the EZYTRX Review
It’s the 4th ov November, 2020, and the time is 12:21am.
I’m here to share with you an ‘insiders’ review of the EZYTRX Smart Contract Opportunity.
First of all i will start with What is a Smart Contract?
A smart contract is an agreement between two people in the form of computer code.
They run on the blockchain, so they are stored on a public database and cannot be changed.
The transactions that happen in a smart contract are processed by the blockchain,
which means they can be sent automatically without a third party.
Before i show you the smart contract on Tron Scan, I want to say to you that you are the hero!
You are the hero of your family. You’re the one who is willing to build a business of your dreams
and you’re also willing to take control of your business and your life!
True or True? It is absolutely true!
This business has been running for almost 3 months now!
And the Tron Smart contract is here:
You can see it on Tron Scan. That was opened on the CreationTime: 2020-09-12 06:01:45 (Local)
It was opened by a developer by the name of Nichlaus D’Cruz.
He’s from Singapore and it’s his development team that created this smart contract.
And I interviewd Nichlaus and i asked him the question:
Why did you decide to create this system?
There are all these other ones that are going, and they seem to be working well;
Forsage, Rapido Run, Lions Share. They are all proven systems, why create another one?
Wa, there’s another CHANCE for other people to MAKE MONEY too, you know?
But Ah, I think… we’d really like to believe WE HAVE BUILT a SMARTER, MORE REWARDING CONTRACT!
You know, in ‘Forsage’ 28% (of the money) seems to lost; I don’t know where it goes to.
In this system, we have built, 100% is returned to the community.
It’s incredibly Transparent, no company, no single entity takes an extra percentage;
So the distribution is very very fair.
I think going down to 10 levels gives everyone greater earnings and it forces people to keep growing
this community quickly.
You know if you are earning from 6 people (Forsage); you are not going to care about the 7th;
If you are earning from 90,000 people, tell me at which point are you going to stop caring?
You, now if you have got 90,000 friends, that’s awesome…
Generally, everyone is going to want to keep growing the community.
You add to that the fact that, you take 50% from the people you recommend.
That’s an enormous payout by any stretch of the imagination.
50% is huge!
Leo: Yes!
I think the fact that we have added Recycling to it; is maybe the killer deal;
I think that once someone really fully understands the value of this, you know?
But don’t forget, you can grow it down this way (vertically), but you can also grow it this way (horizontally)
You can grow it horizontally!
You are growing it left to right; you grow it from step 1 to step 2, step 3.
You remember step 10 is a big step, that’s 1 million tron (TRX).(50 Ethereum)
You know it’s a lot of money for a lot of people. It’s $40,000 dollars, and so
The entire community starts to upgrade to step 10, can you imagine the amount of money in the system,
and how much people have been putting in?
Leo: I don’t know, It might be a TRILLION dollars!
Nichlaus: he, he he, he (laughs)
End of short video.
Leo: Nichlaus, Why do you do what you do?
and he said the reason why io do what i do is:
I want to create a smart contract that will help other people to earn income online.
I wanted to did deeper and i asked why is it that you are doing this and he said
‘I want to create a better smart contract’ (paraphrasing)
So isn’t that cool that we have a better smart contract, one that is helping 1000s of people to
make money online!
ZYTRX Review Nichlaus DCruz

My 7 Reasons Why You Should Get Involved in a Business Opportunity, a Cryptocurrency Opportunity, or even a Smart Contract Opportunity

1 – A Company We Can Trust!

First of all, Nichlaus is a developer of a smart contract and we can taka a look inside to show you that it is real!
AS of 9 minutes ago there was this transaction of 2000 TRX where someone bought!
Through the smart contract for 2000 TRX; for 1000 TRX for 5000 TRX.
These are actual payment.
Now if i go into the Internal TXNS (transactions);
These shows commissions that are coming into people’s wallets.
From the smart contract to this wallet; to this wallet to this wallet, etc.
And you can see there the amounts 250, 250, 250, 250, 250, 2500, 50, 50, 50 etc.
So these are real transactions happening just a couple of minutes ago.
So i wanted to show you my friend, that this is real, this smart contract is on the blockchain; it runs on the Tron blockchain.
Tron is a cryptocurrency,
If we go to the cryptocurrency list on https://coinmarketcap.com
We can scroll down and see Tron (TRX) is a cryptocurrency and it also has a blockchain.
The value of 1 TRX is 0.02377 dollars or 2.3772 cents.
So if you buy 1000 TRX you will spend $23 dollars and 77 cents plus exchange fees.
07:00 Alright, fantasic, so
#1 You need a company that you can trust!

2 – A Founder with Integrity

Nichlaus D’Cruz is the founder of EZYTRX and he is in my opinion a person of integrity, who does his best to implement his plans. He is also a person who takes action on his plans and he gets results. 

Nichlaus is resourceful and has built a team that helps him to implement his plans! 

3 – A Team

He has a team .. a team of developers and a team of networkers;
and he has seconded a group of Business Builders calling them his Ambassadors;
and he has organized such things as, Social Media Groups and a Sales and Marketing Funnel.
I’m going to go into his #1 account, and i believe this is Nichlaus D’Cruz’s account;
He has earned $536677.93 using this smart contract., the other figures here are in cryptocurrency Tron;
Tron TRX.
Basically what he has done is introduce 106 personally sponsored members, and they have all bought the first slot
And by buying the first slot they are also going to be given a digital product;
as a bonus or for buying this slot they will receive a digital product;
There are 10 different packages starting at 1000 TRX for only $23.77
1000 TRX times 0.023772 is $23.77.
For the price of a meal at a fast food restaurant, you can get involved, and
then when you upgrade to the next slot, well that’s double that, double again it’s 5000 TRX;
10000; 25000, 50000, 100000, 200000, 500000, 1000000.
And that amount altogether is almost $44,000 to go ‘All In’
You Get commissions paid in the EZY1 Engine and the EZY10 Engine;
There is a video below this video that shows you the compensation plan.
So go ahead and watch that video in your own time.
If you go in here you can go in here and check instructions…
and that will take us to telegram.
Nichlaus has provided a lot of resources that can be accessed in the Telegram,
Facebook and Youtube channels.
We can access the regular alomost daily meetings in English and other languages, tools and
resources, including the EZYTRX Funnel.

4 – Products and Services

For every step you purchase in the EZYTRX Smart Contract you will get a high-quality digital product.
This product is a marketing strategy that you can use to build your business.
I provide a digital product for every slot you buy in the matrix and the development company also
provides their own digital products.
I provide the Ultimate Marketing System that helps members grow their business at Warp Speed.

5 – Low Cost Entry

coinmarketcap.com currencies tron

For 1000 TRX or around $24.00 (at todays exchange rate), you can get involved.

6 – A Sustainable Project

Only 100% commisions is paid and 100% of the commissions stays in the matrix.
No more and no less!
The developer or any other member does not receive a cut other than when they get from
the work they do in EZ1 and the benefits they get from the Community from EZ10 program.
The rules are the same for every member who joins the EZYTRX Smart Contract!
EZ1 – Gives 50% Commissions
EZ10 – Gives 50% Commissions (5% Commissions from 10 levels)
We can get paid from the team bonuses from efforts of upline and downline.
As an upline, we can also get pass up commissions from the lost earnings of downline members.

7 – Get Your Money Out

Cryptocurrency Exchanges provide the service of swapping one token for another.
TRX can be converted into BTC (Bitcoin); ETH (Ethereum) and USDT (Tether) and other coins.
The great thing is, these tokens are readily convertible into USD and Euro and transfers to your local
bank account is possible.

Exit Strategy

The EZYTRX Development company is providing an Exit Strategy.
A Virtual Pre-paid Mastercard and a Pre-Paid Card (physical) are being created to allow members to withdraw their earnings
quickly and easily.
2 types of card are developed:
The Palladium ($3000 monthly limit) and the Platinum ($200,000 monthly limit) prepaid cards
can be topped up using The Currency App.
TRX can be topped up into the card, exchanging it for USD and then the card can be used here there and everywhere for purchases, online or offiline.
Do you have an Exit Strategy? Yes We Do!
Cool or cool? It’s really cool, and these services make it easy for us to get our commissions and money out!

The Dirty Little Lies | Is EZYTRX Legit? | Is EZYTRX a SCAM?

The Dirty Lies – People use all kind of deception and fraud to try and convince people to join a scam or a Ponzi scheme. Scams are here there or everywhere.

The past 6 business opportunities that were referred to me by friends were all unsustainable projects that had all turned out to become  scams! 

The key point is this, if it involves a person who promotes a ROI opportunity, then there is a high probability of a scam.

Also people who value money will perform an exit scam when they start to lose money from the scheme they developed!


Company (Tick) 
Founder (Tick)
Team (Tick)
Products and Services (Tick)
Low Cost Entry (Tick)
A Sustainable Project (Tick)
Get Your Money Out (Tick)
7 out of 7.
My 5 Keys to a Perfect Smart Contract:
a. Decentralized – running independently on the Tron Blockchain (it’s not controlled by a person or single entity);
b. Autonomous – it runs by itself following a set of computer code;
c. Immutable – a program that cannot be altered or stopped by anyone; 
d. Permission-less – requires nobody to give permission to execute the code;
e. Instant Trustless Payments – payments are peer to peer and require no third party person or company to authorize payments.
Therefore this EZYTRX program for all these reasons is 100% Safe and No SCAM!
You needn’t trust it, because it’s trustless!
To shut it down you will need to close down hundreds of computers (nodes) distributed all over the world,
This is an evergreen opportunity that will run for as long as the Tron blockchain exists!
My Final Verdict – EZYTRX Smart Contract is a proven to be successful program that has been audited and 
over the past 3 months of operation has been proven to be a No Scam and a 100% Safe Business Opportunity.
EZYTRX Audit Report Conclusion scaled