My Case Study How I Retired Instantly in 3 Easy Steps

My Case Study How I Retired Instantly in 3 Easy Steps

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It’s Simple, It Works For Me & It Will Work For You Too!

Hey Friend, it’s Leo here 🙂
Digital marketer, investor, fundraiser, legacy builder and also known as Tutorman.
I’m here to serve you and provide massive value in my capacity as a digital marketer, and to complete a legacy!
In 2016, I became I semi-retired with an opportunity where I received passive income from investments and I had recruited about 70 personal members; and I had developed a team of more than 7000 members, to make more than USD$100,000+
Cool or cool? It was absolutely awesome!
In My Case Study and Video Series You Will Learn:
The exact same micro-steps that I use(d) to become semi-retired;
How to Start a Business From Home Using Only a Laptop or Mobile Phone
The secret to your online business success, is to complete these 3 easy steps!
These are the same 3 steps I used to semi-retire in 2016!
Step 1 – Get Set Up For Business Success by Opening Slots in EZYTRX Smart Contract;
Step 2 – Get the EZYTRX Marketing System, Add Your Affiliate Link and Share it with the World; 
Step 3 – Join the Cryptocurrency Secrets Support Group to Learn New Marketing Strategies from Tutorman that You Can Apply to Your Business!
Easy or easy? It’s really easy!
The more you imperfect action you take, the more you win!
The more people you show this opportunity to, the closer you get to financial freedom.
As your numbers increase, your chance of having an influencer in your team increases, and you only need 3 or 4 active influencers to get that passive income that will help you retire.
Cool or cool? It’s absolutely awesome!

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Our Mission is to empower every member with the tools and resources to build the business of your dreams.
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Teamwork makes the dream work.
When a new member joins the team, the EZY10 smart contract program rewards every member in the powerline with a 10% instant payment.
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To your success,
Helping people to help themselves and freeing the world.

The Blue Vase – A True Story

The Blue Vase – A True Story

There is a Hero in the story and it is you!

1. Hey Friend, Leo here 🙂
Digital marketer, investor, fundraiser, legacy builder and also known as Tutorman.
I’m here to serve you; give massive value and to complete a legacy!

2. Background
I had been a loyal Amway distributor for years and it was around the year 1993 when I used to attend meetings.

I had never really achieved anything significant, I was only at the 3% level and certainly i had never made a lot of money. But i had made some good friends and I felt like i belonged to that group, and meetings were always fun events.

3. The Guide
My upline Bernard introduced the group to his new monthly promotion called ‘The Blue Vase’
The Blue Vase was a perpetual ‘trophy’ for the winner of the monthly competition.
The rules were simple! The person who created the most personal business volume and new group members was to be awarded the blue vase after one month of business building.

This was a good idea, because I was competitive and i said to myself
‘i’m going to win the blue vase’

There really was no proven history or evidence that i was going to beat 100 other distributors some of which were top leaders! I really had no chance!

4. My goal nevertheless, was that ‘i was going to win the blue vase’
The Blue Vase was something I had to see and touch and i wanted to take a picture of it while holding it. Because if i held it, i could get real close to the blue vase; I could admire it’s beauty; I could touch it; I could smell it; and I could even taste it! (Tip for success: using all your senses is powerful when reprogramming the subconscious mind)

5. ‘Adventure’…
So, I went to Bernard’s house to see the blue vase and hold it.

Back in those days there were no mobile phones and But Bernard had a camera that would give an instant photo, and so we took the photo.

I tried to push my luck and asked Bernard if i could take the blue vase for a week, and he agreed.

I took it home.

Bernard had previously told me to write my goal and dream down on paper.
This is the same message and method that is found in the Book ‘Think and Grow Rich by Napoleon Hill’

So I wrote my goal down on a 5X3 inch card.

I Ricky (this was the name i used in those days) have in my possession the blue vase.
I have sponsored 5 members and I have in my group 15 new members on this day
the X of X 1993. (i don’t remember the exact date).

I wrote it down in the present tense, and I would then say the goal out aloud in front of the mirror many times in the morning when I woke up and many times in the evening before bed.

6. There were ‘Challenges’ slowing me down.
So to make my goal come true, I had to take massive action and get results, namely,
I had to make at least 15-20 presentations to sponsor 5 front-line members and build depth in my business with a total of 15 in my new group. This level is called ‘go-getters’.

I had to drive to my friends places to show presentations late at night after they had finished their work and when door knockers came to my home to sell something, I would prospect them instead and show them the presentation and then sell them an Amway kit.

I continued to read my goals and dreams in front of the mirror daily, adding real emotion and feeling to my belief that I had already won. I even got goose bumps every time I did it, and I could hear Bernard saying ‘And the winner of the blue vase is’ ‘Ricky Hokkanen’

Yes, I had felt that I had already won…

When taking massive action there are always challenges!

I wrote down a list of friends;
I would contact and invite them to meetings;

Some people had no time; were busy; or said ‘that’s pyramid selling isn’t it?’;

So I just used the curiosity approach, not telling them what business I was going to show them;
I would show my prospects presentations.

7. New Discovery:
I showed the business to some Chinese friends and they had never heard of Amway before, But they ended up joining my business…

I was in the zone and I would sell kits and ask them for referrals and help them sponsor 1 or 2 people and …

I was starting to slow down a bit after I had sponsored 10 members. But I kept taking out my 5X3 card and with the picture of the blue vase in my hand I would repeat my goals out aloud where ever I was!

This kept me going, but more importantly this repetition had reprogrammed my subconscious mind (the most powerful force). The subconscious mind would bring results that it believed to be true, and those results would then manifest into the material world.

I would show the presentation/plan 15-20 times that month and to my amazement I had sponsored around 15 people….

It was now time for the meeting to reveal the winner of the Blue Vase competition.

Bernard was on stage and he said ‘it’s my pleasure to reveal the winner, this person has built a new organisation and generated more new volume than any other member, and the…

When he was introducing the winner, I knew in myself that it was me because I had convinced myself so many many times over and over in front of the mirror that it was me!

So I was already walking towards the stage when he said…

‘And the winner of the blue vase is Ricky Hokkanen’

It was my ‘Victory’ and i was able to tell the audience how I achieved my success and the ‘gogetter’ award in just 30 days!

I had just won the blue vase and those were the actual steps that helped me win the blue vase competition.

Cool or cool? It’s absolutely awesome!


Leo Hokkanen
Digital marketer; investor; fundraiser; legacy builder and also known as Tutorman.

Helping people to help themselves and freeing the world!

P.s. – This method really works, so try it!

Download Think and Grow Rich Here!

My Case Study How I Retired Instantly in 3 Easy Steps

My Biggest Emergency

My Biggest Emergency

Background: It’s 4:17pm on the 17th of June and I receive a text message from my wife telling me that our son had been admitted to the Box Hill Hospital because he had been vomiting for about 10 times in the early morning.

I drop everything, and I rushed to the hospital ward, and I arrived at 5:25 pm. My son had been vomiting and only eating small amounts of food during the day and I present his symptoms to hospital staff.

I show them, he cannot stand up; he cannot walk more than 5 meters before he is totally exhausted. And he cannot go to the toilet by himself and he doesn’t balance on the toilet seat.

I tell my son as I hold him in my arms, I tell him, ‘Dana, I will love you forever’, and he then falls asleep.

Around 6:00 pm the hospital staff tell us to take our son home. I say ‘no I can’t because he’s in a bad state, he needs to be here just in case we need the doctor’s help. I sleep with him overnight. Giving him small amounts to drink and small amounts of food at intervals; at 8:00 o’clock; 10:00 o’clock; 1200 o’clock and we fall asleep; until around 2:00 am I wake to the groaning noise coming from my son.

I try to wake him up, but I can’t arouse him, so I press the green button to sound the alarm. At this stage I take the photo of my son.

My Biggest Emergency

My son is now being taken care of by expert doctors who start to take blood samples out of his left arm and I tell myself not to react, not to lose it because he’s in the best hands with doctors.

My son seems to wake up and he starts to resist everything that is going on and he fights against the doctors. The alarm sounds, it’s a code blue. And I film this 4 seconds, 4 1 second videos. The doctor starts to examine my son in his eyes with an apparatus. So I come in close and have a look. The doctor tells me to ‘backoff’, so I go into the hallway and I walk up and down the hallway thinking about calling my wife.

Pain: It’s now 2:34 am and ‘like an arrow shot through my heart, I feel my son Dana and best mate die’.

He is placed on equipment to maintain his heart beat, and heart pressure and blood pressure. However after family is educated, the equipment is finally turned off after 7 days.

The neurosurgeon said it was like a bushfire had gone through my best mate’s brain and his brain no longer communicated with his body. He had died of a medulloblastoma, an aggressive form of cancer in children.

I over the next days, weeks and months suffer a lack of focus; I cannot work; I have problems with my concentration; I have panic attacks, a kind of mental illness.

But to continue my journey, I return to China, to teach children from the ages of 3-5. You see my son Dana was 5 years and a third when he passed on, and going to China was my way of giving back to children.

In early 2019, I have a nightmare in China. My mum, my dad and Dana are all in the dream but as you know they have all passed on. And my parents and Dana are very angry with me! I have an inner breakthrough, I interpret the dream to mean: I have limited time on this planet in my life to make ‘Dana’s Legacy’ a reality!

To bring meaning and positivity to the passing of my son and best mate Dana, I start fundraising for Dana’s legacy charity. A to create the early cancer detection technology. Detection Analysis Neurological Apparatus, or Cancer D.A.N.A. I register the charity in his name and I begin fundraising.

‘This my friend is my calling in life, why I do what I do! Please give a donation to make my and Dana’s dream come true!

Go ahead give to Dana’s legacy charity. Thanks for listening, I’m Leo Hokkanen, Dana’s proud father!

Thank You!


Contributions are being accepted for this wonderful cause!

Dana’s Legacy Charity Bitcoin (BTC) Address: 14sZwWFG3weLyhSKk6Yp2zxxvibtNDaKij

Give Today and You Will Receive

Dana Sun Hokkanen died of an undetected medulloblastoma, and if I had the technology to scan my son to detect or diagnose his illness, then I would have. 8 months earlier I had taken my son to have a full medical and asked the doctor to give my son a CAT Scan but he had refused, because he said Dana was a healthy boy.  

6 weeks before he passed he was taken to different doctor and specialist who again told us he was a healthy boy.

2 weeks before he died I took him to the Royal Children’s Hospital in Melbourne and on inspection the hospital were unable to diagnose that my son had anything seriously wrong with him.

Cancer D.A.N.A –  My goal is to give $2.26 million to help in the creation of a non-invasive cancer early Detection and Analysis of Neurological (diseases of the nervous system) Apparatus. Donations of $60,000; $200,000 and $2 million in 3 stages will go to the institution best positioned in the world to deliver this breakthrough technology. I will make sure the technology is created, mass produced and distributed to the mass market including medical centers and hospitals around the world.  Leo Hokkanen (Father and Legacy Builder)

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Dana and Dad in Prep Classroom.